What is the difference between PARKIS and a bike rack or hook?

Unlike traditional hooks and other storage solutions, which require some sort of physical lifting or hoisting, PARKIS does all the work of lifting. Simply guide the front wheel into the parking cradle and PARKIS does the rest. It is the easiest and most convenient way for you to save on storage space for one, or several bicycles where space is limited.

How does PARKIS help saving space?

Vertical bike parking allows you to save around 40 % of floor space compared to traditional horizontal bike parking. By using several PARKIS units, you will be able to park your bikes surprisingly close to each other. Your bike will always be in its place with PARKIS, and will not hinder anyone.

Does PARKIS fit my bike?

PARKIS works with the majority of popular bicycle wheel sizes. However, there are a few exceptions where PARKIS might not fit your bicycle. PARKIS will work within these criteria:

  • tire width from 38 mm (1.5″) to 60 mm (2.4″)
  • wheel diameter 61 cm (24″) or more
  • weight on front axis up to 15 kg (33 lb)
  • mud flaps ends must be above the wheel axis. This can be checked by leaning the bike’s rear wheel against the wall. If the wheel (not a mudguard) touches the wall – Parkis is suitable for your bike’s mud flaps. Matching scheme.
Can I mount PARKIS anywhere?

PARKIS is designed to be mounted against flat concrete walls, wood, drywall and even on a balcony railings.

Does PARKIS need any maintenance? 

PARKIS is maintenance free. Please read user manual for more info.

Is PARKIS safe for kids?

Safety is our top priority, therefore, adult supervision is highly recommended when children use PARKIS.

Does PARKIS secure my bike from being stolen?

PARKIS is a non commercial vertical bike storage solution. For additional security we suggest using a wheel lock or chain lock.

Where should I use PARKIS?

PARKIS can be used indoor and outdoor. Idea for cottages, balconies, garages and basements.
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